A b o u t


My name is Kallie Grace Richter. 

I’m a follower of Christ and a fine art painter. I believe this big world we get to live in and the people we get to walk alongside in life are so beautiful and important. The more I travel, the more I discover this to be true. I can’t help but notice and admire the intricacies of this world and find so much fulfillment when I can capture those details in brush strokes. 

When I’m not in the studio painting, I’m out traveling with my plein air easel on the side of the road brushing the hillsides of a landscape onto my canvas. Or, I might find myself submerged underwater beside fish that will become future paintings. Creation is incredible. Whether it’s the act of creating or admiring the original creation of God altogether. 

I hope you can find something here that brings joy and adds beauty into your life just as much as creating it has for me.