Catalina Island for the Fall

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   Now that summer has come to a close and the light grows more dim each day, I’ve finally found the time to slow down and reflect from my Summer on Catalina Island. The days were so full of swirling details, people, changing tides, and lots of sunshine. The island has a magical way of pulling all people from different regions of the country to its shores year after year during the July and August months. I reunited with so many friends that feel like family at this point that share the same love for the island; more specifically Gallagher’s Cove. Even my parents and my sister and her boyfriend traveled from the East Coast to enjoy the beauty and cool ocean breezes that the island provides. 

   Any pocket of spare time I could muster was devoted to painting or collecting inspiration from the shoreline to paint later. My love for painting fish was renewed once again this summer and to my delight I was accepted into an art gallery on the island called Afishinados! They represent artists who paint everything pertaining to fish including ocean landscapes, shells, and more. The gallery owner Karen has such a passion for championing small artists and I am so thankful for her enthusiasm and genuine kindness. I feel so honored to be included in their circle of incredible artists.

   As the end of August drew near a new opportunity presented itself to stay on the island. Instead of working full time, I was presented a part time position at Campus by the Sea but I had to give up some opportunities back home. That included returning to family. After some prayer, much thought, re-shifting of plans, I last minute accepted the offer and couldn’t be more thankful and overjoyed. The pockets of time I so desperately fought for during the summer have now been handed to me in abundance. When I’m not working half my week is devoted to my art practice, and I know only the Lord orchestrated something so grand and perfect. Every day is truly a gift, and I feel that more now than ever. 

The life of an artist it not one that points in a direct line as much as I crave. Plans change and life is unpredictable, especially for an artist. The most memorable lesson I learned this summer is that as long as I stay true to the Lord’s guiding voice I know I’ll always be on the right path. No matter how clouded it often seems. But then again, that’s the exciting part, right. 

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