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 After such a full season on Catalina Island my brother and I were sad to say goodbye to the many familiar faces that became family and the adventures that it offered. But as the Fall season began to wind down on the island and as the days grew cold and stormier each day our desire to be home was without question. Folding up the art table I had borrowed and returning the shells that I used for paintings to the ocean was difficult but necessary. After many goodbyes I dropped off the last painting in the gallery in Avalon before I ran to catch my boat across the channel. I left the island with some slightly more weathered paint brushes and some paint tubes less full but a heart full of so many memories and new friendships. 

   Now that I’m home again and beginning to dust off my work surface and easel, I’m looking forward to resting and establishing new routines and habits. Charleston’s mild winters and presence of friends and family has been so needed, especially during the holidays. Most people say the holidays feel like the busiest time of the year, but rest and reflection are the two words that come to mind for this new season. I will continue to seek and wait on the Lord and cherish the people he’s blessed me with here.

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